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The Importance of Proper Nutrition for Seniors – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

The changes that take place within the body in older age necessitate that seniors consider their food choices and make intentional decisions about the foods they are putting into their bodies. Seniors need to make sure that they are caring for themselves properly, and that their eating habits promote better health. Many aspects of older age, including changes to the physical body, daily routines, abilities, and perceptions, mean not only that the body needs different things, but also that new obstacles are present that might get in the way of a lifestyle of healthy eating.

Seniors and Technology Use – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

While it may be true that some seniors have a harder time adjusting to using forms of technology in their lives than those of younger generations, recent years have seen a greater number of seniors learning to use numerous technological tools and resources in their lives. Whether it be to help stay connected to the people, activities, and tasks that are valuable and fulfilling within their lives, or to better manage productivity and behaviours concerning personal care and wellbeing, more seniors than ever are learning to understand and value the contributions that technology can make to helping them live a positive, engaging, and healthy lifestyle. Supporting seniors as they work towards building a better sense of mastery in terms of their capacity to use technology can help to promote feelings of empowerment and can offer the opportunity for seniors to feel a sense of control over their ability to socialize, connect, learn, play, and keep track of the numerous aspects and facets that make up their lives.

Occupational Therapy for Seniors – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

Occupational Therapy (OT) is a type of therapy that helps individuals continue to live full, productive, and independent lives by strengthening their ability to perform important activities or ‘occupations’. Occupational Therapy differs from Physical Therapy because OT focuses on cultivating and strengthening the ability to perform daily tasks or activities, while Physical Therapy (PT) focuses on improving physical mobility. The overall goal that exists in Occupational Therapy is to help in the process of building up better self-reliance by working through physical challenges and making environmental adjustments to provide seniors with the best opportunities to continue to take part in the everyday activities that give them a sense of independence, empowerment, and fulfillment in their lives.

Preserving and Sharing Memories – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

Stories and wisdom can come from many different areas of lived experience, and what one senior sees as their most valuable or important contribution may be entirely different from that of another person their age. Thinking through what is most important to seniors and to the loved-ones that want to remember them can help you to work out which means of recording things will be best. The following are some ideas of ways in which seniors can pass-on their memories, stories, wisdom, and lessons learned to those they care about:

The Negative Health Impacts of Boredom for Seniors – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

Being bored is a natural part of life. We all have moments in our day or times in our week where we don’t have anything interesting to do or just can’t find anything that grabs our attention enough to keep us stimulated and engaged. Occasional boredom is alright, but some seniors who find themselves feeling more bored in their older age than they ever have before may find themselves beginning to worry that boredom will become a staple of their everyday lives as they grow older. There are many ways that seniors can banish boredom and keep themselves interested and happy in the goings-on of their everyday lives, it just takes a little exploration and planning to find the things that work for them.

How Fun and Games Can Benefit Seniors’ Wellbeing – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

Many seniors grapple with the notion of productivity, and what counts as a productive use of time and energy when the days spread out before them are completely in their own hands. It can be difficult to adjust to thinking about activities and hobbies that have always felt like a luxury amidst the hustle and bustle of a busy life as good uses of time throughout the day. The reality is, however, that many of these hobbies, activities, and games are productive and helpful for promoting mental wellbeing and brain health in ways that seniors can feel good about.

Keeping Healthy Kidneys – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

Things such as medications, infections, illnesses, and other facets of health in older age can impact and slowly take a toll on Kidneys over time, so there is often a decline in Kidney function with age. The problem with damage to the Kidneys is that there are not often that many noticeable symptoms until things get dire and Kidney function is significantly impaired. It is, therefore, important to tend to Kidney health and keep them in good shape so that problems don’t arise and go unnoticed.

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