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Housekeeping Challenges for Seniors – North Shore – North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Many routine tasks become more strenuous and unmanageable with age. Keeping up with everyday household chores is typically one of the first things older adults need some assistance with, in order to continue living at home comfortably and independently. Very few people actually enjoy the process of cleaning and maintaining a home, but when strength and mobility start to diminish, housekeeping can become draining and overwhelming.

Improving Sleep Quality for Seniors – North Shore – North Vancouver, West Vancouver

It would seem reasonable to think that by the time you reach retirement, and there is no longer a need to set an alarm and stress about the next day of work that sleep would come easy, right?

Well, that is unfortunately not the case for many seniors who struggle with sleep disorders, or have difficulty getting regular, quality sleep.

Effective Methods of Stroke Recovery – North Shore – North Vancouver, West Vancouver

Recovering from a stroke can be a long and challenging road. It takes dedication and commitment, and depending on the severity of the stroke, it can take a considerable amount of time.

Helping a loved one recover from a stroke can be difficult to manage alone, but help is available through caregivers and professional home care agencies.

6 Approaches to Healthy Aging – North Shore – North Vancouver, West Vancouver

There are many challenges that come with aging, but it is how you deal with those challenges that has an impact on your overall happiness and well being.

There is such a stigma against getting older in the western world, and many people feel that life goes downhill after reaching the age of 40. However, it all about the attitude of the individual.

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