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Travel Tips for Seniors – North Shore – North Vancouver and West Vancouver

For a lot people, the senior years are when they plan to get out and see the world and do some traveling. Many people have families and careers that prevent them from visiting the places they would like to see because there is just not enough time.

So, when retirement age rolls around, and the kids have all moved out of the house, aspirations for travel can finally be explored.

Easing Into Home Care for Seniors – North Shore – North Vancouver and West Vancouver

We all know what happens as we begin to get older, declining physical strength and mobility, as well as a drop-off in mental sharpness and memory, are simply inevitabilities that we must deal with.

It is how we deal with these changes that can make all the difference.

Good planning can help make the transition into old age a smooth one, especially for seniors that wish to continue living at home.

Ways Seniors Can Feel More Energetic – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

As we grow older, the many changes that our bodies and lives are going through can result in differences in how our bodies feel and function. For many seniors, it is difficult to navigate the changes that come to impact their energy levels. It can be discouraging to have your body seem to force you to slow down when you are still so ready and willing to get out and do things every day.

Adjusting After the Loss of a Partner – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

While in the midst of dealing with the grief that comes with such a loss, it can be hard for seniors to accurately assess their own needs and abilities, and it can be hard to imagine making such big changes at such a difficult time. In these difficult times of life, support and care from loved-ones can make all the difference as seniors work to learn and acknowledge what they need and how they should set up their lives moving forward.

Keeping Busy When it is Cold Out – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

There are so many things to do outside when the weather is warm, and seniors often find themselves more motivated to participate in activities out of the house when they don’t have to bundle up in layers of clothing just to get in the car. That being said, there are actually a whole host of reasons to enjoy the wintertime, despite the challenges it may present.

How Volunteering Can Enrich Seniors’ Lives – Vancouver and North and West Vancouver

When we think of Volunteering, we think about dedicating our time and energy to helping to support others in our community. The act of Volunteering is itself motivated by kindness and dedication to doing all we can to help others, but it can also have impacts on our own lives that are beneficial for mental and physical wellbeing.

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