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Mother’s Day Activities for Seniors – North Shore – North Vancouver and West Vancouver

Mother’s Day is quickly approaching and planning some fun activities for your mom to help celebrate it can really brighten her day.

If your mother is in her senior years, then options may be limited based on health and mobility.

However, there is always something enjoyable you can do for your mom to make her mother’s day a fun one.

Different options are available for various personality types, interests and health levels.

What are some fun mother’s day activities I can do with my elderly mom?

Let’s take at look at different possibilities based on your mom’s interests, with some alternative options for poor weather.

  • Outdoor activities
  • Indoor activities

Outdoor Activities

If it is a nice day, and your mom enjoys getting out of the house for a little fresh air, here are some suggestions that can be fun for all to enjoy.

  • Walk in the park
  • Botanical garden tour
  • Gardening
  • Outdoor concerts or events
  • Outdoor yoga
  • Day trip

Walk in the Park

This is a very easy, low impact activity that your mom might enjoy on Mother’s Day. It provides a little physical activity and it’s a good way to get some sunshine if it is a nice day.

You could even pack some nutritious and delicious food and have a little picnic at the park.

Botanical Garden Tour

Take a walk through the park to the next level, and take you mom to a botanical garden for the day. Another great possibility for getting some exercise while looking at some beautiful foliage.

There are plenty of options in the Vancouver area to enjoy some stunning vegetation.


If you want to take a more active approach to your mother’s day activities, it may involve getting your hands dirty.

For those that are into gardening, helping your mom with her vegetable garden is a good way to spend some time together.

If your mom is not currently into gardening, now could be a good opportunity to start. Community gardens are available for everyone to enjoy.

Gardening is an ideal activity for seniors as it offers some physical activity, mental relaxation, and the opportunity to socialize with others. Of course, there is also the bonus of the nutritious fruits and vegetables being produced!

Outdoor Events

An outdoor concert is great way to spend the day if your mom is into music.

If your mother likes sports, a sporting event could be a fun activity to do together.

Even just having lunch on patio is good way to enjoy the outdoors.

If you live on the North Shore, the Ambleside Artisan Farmers Market in West Vancouver is a great outdoor option for mother’s day.

Here you can find everything from food vendors, to clothing and jewelry, to handcrafted artisan products.

Outdoor Yoga

Yoga is an extremely beneficial activity for seniors that can help improve strength, mobility, and flexibility.

Lots of parks offer free outdoor yoga classes, check your local listings for availability.

Day Trip

A short road trip could be an interesting way to spend the day. Head out to a location of your mom’s choosing, or maybe surprise her with a location you know she would like for a little added adventure.

Indoor Activities

Canadian weather in May can get a little dicey, so an indoor activity might be the way to go if the weather doesn’t cooperate.

Some suggestions for indoor mother’s day activities are:

  • Share a meal
  • Watch a favorite movie
  • Boardgame or cards
  • Puzzles
  • Listen to music

Share a Meal

Likely the most practical and enjoyable indoor activity is sharing a meal together. Whether you go out to a restaurant, or cook your mom dinner at home, it is a good way to spend some time together and eat some healthy food.

If your mom likes cooking, you might prepare a meal together.

Watch an Old Classic

Does your mom like movies? A good way to spend a rainy afternoon is watching an old favorite movie together.

Boardgame or Cards

For a more involved activity, playing a game of some sort or a few hands of cards is a good way to keep the mind active and share a few laughs.


Another mentally stimulating activity could be to do a puzzle, whether it be word puzzles or a picture puzzle, it gets the brain working.

Listen to Music

While preparing a meal or playing a game, it could be fun to have some of your mom’s favorite music on in the background.

Music is a great way to lift the spirits and relive old memories.

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