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Questions to Consider and Common Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Home Care Provider

Home Care Questions to Consider in North and West VancouverQuestions to consider when selecting a home care provider in North Vancouver, West Vancouver and Vancouver:

1. What services do you provide? 2. Do I need a referral from my doctor? 3. How long must I wait between my initial request for service and the first home visit? 4. Is there a minimum charge? 5. Will my private insurance cover the cost of your service? 6. Are you an accredited healthcare service? 7. Are your caregivers trained? What levels of education or experience do they have? 8. Are your health care providers insured? 9. Are there nurses with specialized training in certain diseases or injuries? 10. Will a caregiver be permanently assigned to me, or will there be a new caregiver each time? 11. Can your caregivers be called in on short notice? Is there an extra charge? 12. Can you provide your services on holidays or after normal business hours? 13. Who should I call in case of emergency, even after-hours?

5 Mistakes you should avoid in choosing home care:

Many don’t consider home care providers until an emergency forces them to do so. This can create an environment of stress around the choice, and can result in a poor decision. Mistake #1: Most Canadians believe that because we live in Canada and have “universal healthcare” that means everything is taken care of. In reality, there are very little subsidies for home care. Don’t assume that you or your loved one is covered – ask your doctor. Mistake #2: A common issue family members face is the resistance their loved ones have to accepting help. Just because they need care, that doesn’t mean they want it. Fortunately, this common problem can be overcome. Ask each home care agency what they will do to ease the transition, and how they will manage push-back. Mistake #3: Many assume that all home care companies are managed by healthcare professionals. This simply isn’t true. Make sure the company you hire offers nurse supervision and the direction of experienced caregivers. Your loved one’s needs may increase as they age, and it is important to have healthcare professionals managing their care. Mistake #4: Hiring private caregivers. Many families believe hiring a private caregiver is the better, more affordable option. However, thousands of documented cases of abuse and theft prove otherwise. Hiring a private caregiver, without proper credentials or background checks, can be very dangerous. Without insurance, ongoing training, and supervision, you are taking a gamble with your loved one’s care. Mistake #5: Many people base the decision for care solely on its price. Remember: Price is only important in the absence of value. There are many other considerations that must be accounted for when choosing a home care provider. Choosing a properly insured agency, which meets national standards, is important. Making sure the agency is customer-service oriented and supervised by registered nurses is also important. There is a lot more to the decision than just “price.” The right agency will sit down with you and develop a care plan that meets your needs, and work within your allowable budget so that you get the most value for your money spent.

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