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Client Testimonials about our Home Care

I look after the affairs of a friend, neighbour and colleague whom I’ll call C. She is single, in her late 70’s, and with fairly advanced dementia. Her psychiatric physician has insisted for nearly three years now that C have 24-hour care. It is her wish that she remain in her house as long as possible. So Retire at Home has taken on C’s former carers, and added at least one of their own, so these take 24 hour shifts at the house.

I am delighted with the arrangement that Fiona Kelly of Retire at Home is providing. These mature, experienced companions are devoted to C’s care. There is a personal bond with each of them, both ways: they C’s local family. She has the independence and respect she wished for, makes many of her own decisions and lives a quiet life with dignity.

I have the highest regard for the care C is getting, and I offer this testimonial with no hesitation whatsoever..
– Sincerely, David


I do so appreciate the practical and emotional support you have given us over the past months.
I look forward to recommending you and your staff to others in need of your care.
– Best Wishes,


Irene “Retire-At-Home, North Shore have been providing companionship services for my mum for some time now. I am really delighted by the service that they provide and my mother is so happy with her companion. It was a perfect match for her personality.

Knowing that mum has a regular visit from someone whom she likes so much gives me peace of mind. I was worried about her becoming lonely after losing my father, and this is a great solution.

Fiona at Retire-At-Home has a warm and caring personality. She is so easy to deal with, listens to what the needs are and goes the extra mile to ensure that the service matches those needs perfectly. I would recommend Retire-At-Home to anyone with any home care needs.”
– WK, North Vancouver


“Thank you again for enabling … to spend her last days at home – it was the best thing we could have done for her. I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to others if needed.”
– JS, West Vancouver


“I have an elderly Aunt who lives in North Vancouver & I live in White Rock so the daily challenges of trying to take care of her are quite difficult.  When I was advised by her Doctor that she required firstly 12 hour over night care I didn’t know where to

begin to put this together in a short time frame.  Thank goodness someone recommended Retire At Home Services to me.

From the first few minutes of speaking with Fiona I felt a huge weight lifted from my shoulders, her efficient & extremely compassionate responses were wonderful.  After several weeks when we had to move to longer care hours all it took was a call to Fiona & again it was dealt with very promptly.

I cannot thank Fiona & her very caring group of care workers enough for all they do to make my Aunt’s life more comfortable nothing is too much trouble & in fact they have gone above & beyond what I was expecting, the regular updates on her care & requirements that are conveyed to me makes me secure in the knowledge that she has someone with her at all times taking care of her needs.

I would highly recommend Retire At Home Services.”

White Rock
– Sincerely, Tina


Hi Fiona,

First of all, please thank Jennifer for her difficult two days with mom.  She was absolutely amazing!  She was terribly busy with mom, but managed to sweep the back deck and clean the back garden.  We are blown away by her efforts.  We got her in the nick of time!

Secondly,  Colleen has been our rock.  Mom absolutely loved her and so did we all.  She made this journey so much easier. Colleen knew just what to do and when to do it.  She made mom as comfortable as possible, even bringing in her own items, such as the heating pad with the cherry pits and her own traumeel cream to rub on mom’s aches and pains.  She heated her blanket in the dryer, rubbed her back, did crosswords, got her laughing, and generally brought out the best in mom and kept her spirits high. When mom’s blankets were all over the place in the morning she would ask, “Were you dancing on the ceiling last night?” She trained and wrote notes for the new caregivers, wrote the med schedule and re-wrote it when it changed. We all need a Colleen in our lives!

Please also pass along our thanks to Heather, for getting us off to a good start with Retire at Home, for her thorough house cleaning.  I know the work must have seemed overwhelming at first. Mom did enjoy having her and Heather was instrumental in getting mom to accept help in the first place.

Give our best also to Lauren, who was a very calming influence for us all.  Lauren quietly and confidently provided quality care, and mom really felt well looked after. Lauren was genuine and down to earth and was sensitive to our need to talk or not.

Finally, Fiona, it has been so easy to work with you.  You always accommodated us, frequently changing the schedule, promptly answering all our e-mails or phone calls, and visiting every time there was a new care giver.  You were always careful to find the best match for mom’s personality.  You have no idea how relieved we were when we realized that your staff would meet all of our needs and allow mom to stay at home in her final days.   You took a huge weight off our shoulders.

SM, West Vancouver

“As a doctor who is very active in the community in North Vancouver and in West Vancouver, I am often asked how my senior patients can remain at home safely, and what care is available for them. Retire-At-Home Services has been providing senior home care for several of my patients, some for several years now.  I have no hesitation in referring families to Fiona and her team.  I know that Retire-At-Home Services will always go above and beyond expectations and deliver professional, caring and very reliable home care.  Whether it is companionship, personal care, live-in care or nursing care, my patients receive excellent service, which gives me, and the families of my patients, great peace of mind.”

Dr. Annette McCall

“As a long time North Shore family physician I am well aware of the excellent home care for patients, mostly seniors, that Retire At Home provides, especially in the areas of dementia and general physical frailty/isolation. I recently had the occasion to use their services myself! I had knee surgery and was advised to have support for the first two overnights for mobility and ice machine management. Not wanting to inconvenience my friends to be up every 3 hours to change the ice while I slept I had Retire At Home come in for two twelve hour shifts. I was extremely pleased with Jhona the lovely young lady who came. She was punctual, capable and caring! It was a pleasure to have her taking care of me when I was incapacitated. I attribute my rapid recovery in part to her. I have no hesitation whatsoever recommending Retire At Home for anyone be it for acute short term or for ongoing long term services! Thank you again Fiona and Jhona!”

Dr. Mona Lee