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Why are Caregiver Companions so Helpful for Seniors? – North Shore – North Vancouver, West Vancouver

There is a lot to deal with when we reach old age. It becomes harder to maintain a good level of health, and then there is the process of accepting our own mortality. Seeing friends, family members, and even spouses pass away, makes it all the more real.

It is not hard to see why so many seniors struggle with anxiety and depression.

A companion caregiver can help provide older adults with someone to talk to. Someone that has their best interests and improved health in mind.

Regular social interaction has more of an impact on overall health than a lot of people think. The thing is, overall health is based on mental, physical, as well as emotional wellbeing. None of these aspects should be ignored.

Extensive research has been done to show how social activity can help reduce the risk of dementia and early death.

How can Companion Caregivers help?

Companion caregivers are available to be there for your loved one wherever they may be needed. This can be at home, the hospital, or a retirement community, depending on current circumstances.

You may be wondering why anyone would need additional care in an assisted living community. The main reason is that most of these places are under-staffed and over-crowded, leaving most of the residents falling short of the amount of care and attention they need.

Caregiver companions can assist seniors with:

  • Increased social activity
  • Accompaniment to appointments
  • Keeping the mind active with stimulation games and activities
  • Personalized support
  • A good introduction to home care

Increased Social Activity

One of the major benefits of companion care is the boost in social interaction it provides.

Older adults who lack consistent social interaction have a greater risk of becoming socially isolated. Social isolation contributes to a greater risk for depression and premature death.

Regular social activity not only helps promote longer life, it also helps prevent or delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and other types of dementia.

Plus, it can be difficult for family members, or even family caregivers, to find enough time in their own busy schedules to provide the care and attention needed.

Companion caregivers can help share the responsibility and relieve some stress for seniors and their families.

Accompaniment to Appointments

Another bonus of a companion caregiver is their ability to help out with errands and appointments. They can go with your loved one to the doctor, physiotherapy, or appointments with other health specialists.

They can take notes and ask the right questions to get useful information to report from the session.

They can also assist your loved one with errands and light tasks that are part of the daily routine. Transportation assistance can be provided for seniors who are no longer able to drive.

Mental Stimulation

Just the act of conversation is one of the best mentally stimulating activities to keep the mind active and sharp.

Receiving spoken information, processing it, and formulating a quick and appropriate response is great exercise for the brain.

Companion caregivers can help with mental acuity even further by engaging seniors in interactive games that challenge the mind.

This can include social games, like cards or boardgames, or more complex activities like crosswords, sudoku, and other types of puzzles.

Personalized Support

A companion caregiver can offer personalized support for seniors based on particular care needs and activity preferences.

Family caregivers are not always able to be there to provide care for elderly loved ones. They generally have their own families and responsibilities to look after. This is where the services of a companion caregiver come in.

A companion caregiver can provide older adults with someone they can trust, to talk to about health problems and emotional issues. This may not be quite so easy for them to do with a family member.

For seniors that are lacking the personalized support they need in retirement community, companion caregivers can come in regularly to visit, help out, and take them to appointments.

Introduction to Home Care

Getting an elderly loved one to agree to home care services can be a challenging ordeal. It can be easier for seniors to accept if it is brought on slowly with companion care.

Then, when or if the need arises, services can easily be ramped up to assist with medical conditions, personal care, and home support.

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